FHA Streamline Loan


FHA Streamline Loan

Refinance to Lower Your Monthly Payment

Sierra Pacific Mortgage can help refinance your current loan under the FHA Streamline process, which reduces the amount of paperwork and time needed to lower your monthly payment. For San Diego homeowners who want to refinance to loan rates that are near historic lows, this process has many advantages. To learn more about the program below, contact our office by calling 619-894-8943.

Closing Costs and FHA Streamline Refinances

Lenders may offer streamline refinances in several ways. Some lenders offer “no cost” refinances (actually, no out-of-pocket expenses to the borrower) by charging a higher rate of interest on the new loan than if the borrower financed or paid the closing costs in cash. From this premium, the lender pays any closing costs that are incurred on the transaction. FHA does not allow lenders to include closing costs in the new mortgage amount of a streamline refinance.

We Can Help Refinance Properties Throughout the San Diego Area

Sierra Pacific Mortgage has offices in over 45 states, and has been in business since 1986. Our San Diego office is located in Mission Valley, and our staff has the resources and dedication to help you. FHA streamline refinancing may be just one option of the many types of loans we offer. Contact our office by emailing us, or calling 619-894-8943.