Multi-Property Investors


Multi-Property Investors


Financing Up to 10 Properties at a Time

Sierra Pacific Mortgage can help real estate investors who have multiple properties with loans. Now is a great time in San Diego to purchase or refinance, and working with our mortgage office offers investors the ability to secure great rates and terms.

Sierra Direct – Take Advantage of Using a Direct Lender in San Diego

As a direct lender, Sierra Pacific controls and services each and every stage of the lending process from origination to funding and closing. The San Diego branch of our mortgage company has the experienced staff to help with your initial loan application, required documentation, and final signing. We are one of the few lenders who can process these types of loans, when borrowers have multi-properties being financed. To find out more, send our office an email, or call 619-894-8943.

Your Properties’ Types and Locations Can Make a Difference

Property location is often a large part of the appraised value of a house, condo or townhome. However, the property type and county in which the property resides can also affect the loan amount available under various programs. Check Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac Loan amounts by CA county, or call us if you have specific questions about your properties.

We Have Been Providing Exceptional Service for Over 30 Years

Sierra Pacific Mortgage has a reputation as one of the strongest mortgage companies in the industry, with over twenty-five years of history as lender. Our San Diego branch location in Mission Valley provides service to individual investors and partnerships throughout the state of California. Our efficiency and service make things easier than you might have thought possible when dealing with loans for your investment properties. Find out more about our company and how we can help you in your real estate investments by emailing us, or call 619-894-8943.