San Diego Home Loans

San Diego Mortgage Lender For Home Buyers

San Diego Home Loans

San Diego Mortgage Lender For Home Buyers

When you are in the market to buy, finding the right home can take a lot of time and effort. Once you have a house in mind, having a lender who works on your behalf to make the loan funding process as efficient as possible can make your overall home purchase experience more enjoyable. For people who are just starting to investigate a home purchase, speaking to a mortgage lender can offer important insight to the realities of real estate. At whatever stage you may be in, when buying a house in San Diego, Sierra Pacific Mortgage can be the lender to make your home loan happen.

Rates and Service – The Most Important Things About Lending

Loan rates frequently change and timing can be a big factor. But, besides the day-to-day fluctuation in advertised rates, a borrower’s situation plays a large role in the best rate and terms for the home purchase. First time homebuyers may qualify for special programs and for Veterans, government VA Loan programs can help. When you call our office, our standard of service includes asking the right questions to get you the best loan we can offer for your situation.

Don’t rely on published rates, to find out what loan and rate can really work for you, call us at 619-894-8943.

Once a loan product is identified, our staff works to ensure the entire process moves forward – from your initial application to the funding of your loan, we are with you every step of the way. We can even assist with pre-qualification stages of home loans, helping you secure an offer on a home, townhouse, or condo purchase.

Loan Types for All Areas of San Diego County

Fixed interest or adjustable, with term lengths of 10, 15, 20, 25, or 30 years – we can work with many loan types. Using a variety of loan products, we have helped homebuyers in all parts of San Diego, from the beaches to the valleys. Over the last few years, the expansion of North County, South County, and East County has led to a growing geographic focus for our business as many San Diegans have relocated from other parts. Using our knowledge of the greater San Diego area, we can serve our clients better.

Our Office Can Help With Loans for Buying  Real Estate Throughout California

Working by phone, email, fax, and mobile notaries, we continually provide great service to individuals, couples,  families and investor groups who want to purchase homes, condos or townhouses.  Tables for loan amounts by CA county for FHA and Fannie Mae / Freddie Mac loan amounts by CA county are helpful for considering these programs.

Providing Loans for Self-Employed and Real Estate Investors

Let our experience and efficiency work for you.  Sierra Pacific can also provide loans for investors with multi-properties that are being financed across lenders.

Trust in a Company with Over 30 Years in Lending

Sierra Pacific Mortgage was founded in 1986. With over 25 years of providing exceptional loan service to homebuyers when purchasing a home, our reputation is one of the strongest in the home lending industry. We take pride in our local representation, and our San Diego location in Mission Valley can help you with the loan to buy the right house for you. Find out more by emailing us, or call 619-894-8943.