Time to Buy a House


Time to Buy a House

Is it a Good Time to Buy in San Diego?

Five Reasons to Buy Property now

If you are considering purchasing property, now is a great time to buy real estate in the San Diego area! With Sierra Pacific Mortgage, a loan can make your decision to buy turn into action and results. Take a look at five reasons why this is one of the best buyer’s markets in recent history.

  • 1. Great Selection: Today, buyers have many choices in most housing markets, with a large supply of quality homes at prices lower than in years past.
  • 2. Fewer Investors: Short-term real estate investors who fueled the recent house “feeding frenzy” and “bubble” are no longer competing against you and budding up properties.
  • 3. Motivated Sellers: Sellers eager to move or downsize are offering more incentives than ever, such as paying closing costs, making additional updates, allowing contingencies, or including existing furniture with the home purchase.
  • 4. Create Wealth: Over time, most real estate has proven to consistently appreciate in value. Throughout this nation’s history, real property has been America’s greatest source for building wealth for individuals and families. This is especially true for property in Costal California.
  • 5. More Support: Your real estate professional has more information and resources than ever to help you find the right property, negotiate to your advantage, explain financing options and navigate the closing process.

Here are a few other helpful tips to make your home-buying search more enjoyable:

  • Get Pre-approved for Financing. Save time by looking at San Diego homes in the price range for which your lender has pre-approved a loan. Working with your Realtor, you should focus on houses that are in your budget.
  • Research what the down payment amount may be and what range your credit score needs to be for the financing you desire. An online calculator can help you figure out how much home you can afford based on rates, down payment, and loan options.
  • Focus on Long-Term Home Appreciation. Remember, “location, location, location”. Although, there’s no “sure thing” in property increasing in value over time, look for neighborhoods with appealing architecture of homes and streets, low crime rates, good public schools and any construction or public works that could add to the value of a home – for example, the addition of a parks, or public areas. These qualities are more likely to preserve or grow a home’s value over time.

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